What makes your art prints unique?

Our prints are reproduced from originals that were published in Japan between the 1850s and 1960s.

This was a dramatic time for Japan. The country radically changed from an isolated traditional society into a powerful ultra-modern state.

Lots of unique culture was lost forever. At the same time, new ideas and technologies inspired artists to create exciting new art.

Thankfully, much was visually documented in what were then revolutionary new media like photographs and postcards, as well as prints, maps and other images.

Over the past two decades, Japan Correspondent Kjeld Duits, who has lived and worked in Japan since 1982, has been collecting and caring for this visual heritage of Japan to help save it for the future.

He has handpicked highlights of his collection for exclusive enlarged reproductions. Your purchase supports the collection, study, conservation, and presentation of this cultural legacy.

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